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Jim Mann I moved to Merida several years ago from Richmond, Virginia and opened Los Arcos Bed and Breakfast. In the states, I bought and sold dozens of old colonial homes and did complete restoration work on them prior to resale. I attended John Tyler College and completed all the classes needed to sit for the real estate licensing board. I AM THE PRESIDENT AND OWNER OF MAYAN LIVING REAL ESTATE COMPANY. I enjoy working with people and helping them find the home of their dreams. I have always been able to see the possibilities in each special house, no matter what condition they are in. I have always loved the beach and find the Costa Maya area one of the most exciting areas left to explore. With one of the largest numbers of listings in the area, I know I can help you find the right place that will meet your special needs. Real estate is more than just a job to me. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet new people, see this magnificent country and in the end, make new friends along the way. Opening Mayan Living Real Estate gave me the opportunity to help people find their new home or beach property and to help them see their dreams come true here in sunny Mexico. We are proud to be listed with International Living. www.mexicoinsider.com
Detalles Contacto:
email: info@mayanliving.com
Teléfono: 999 928 0214
url: http://www.mayanliving.com
direccion: Merida Centro
Localidad: Mérida

Contacto Mayan Living: Mayan Living

Teléfono: 999 928 0214

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